Affiliate Disclosure

When you visit one of the many Top 10 PTC pages that I have created for individuals, each one has up to 20 different referral links to PTC sites.

It states at the top of most pages that "This Top 10 PTC Page is Recommend by (page owners name)"

If it does not say, "This top 10 PTC page is recommended by:", It is NOT my personal page. I do not have a personal Top 10 PTC page at this time.

It is someone who has rented a Top 10 PTC page from me and they are recommending you join the sites on their page.

Under the information tab, you will see information regarding a particular site.

It says, "Up to $.02 per click, Up to $.01 per click, $2.00 minimum payment" or information similar to that.

That clearly means that this person is recommending you to join this PTC site as his referral and he or she is showing you how much you can possibly earn from that particular site.

Although I try very hard to ensure the accuracy of the information, I CAN NOT guarantee you will earn exactly what is stated.

I determine the information by visiting the website and reading their homepage. Most PTC sites will say how much you and your referrals will earn per click. Not all PTC sites state this information, and when it is not there, I always say, "Up to $.02 per click" and "Up to $.01 per ref click"

That does not mean that is how much you will earn from that site. They did not provide exactly how much you will earn on their homepage.

If you want to provide me with more accurate information after I create your page, that is perfectly fine. You will have my email and you can contact me at any time. It will not cost you anything to update your page if I made a mistake or provided the wrong information.

I provide the most accurate information on those pages that are referring to that particular site.

I provide everything on the "Rent a Top 10 PTC Page", so there is no reason to provide inaccurate information regarding possible earnings from a Top 10 PTC page. 

I never say how much you will earn from a Top 10 PTC page, only that you can recruit direct referrals using one of my pages depending on how you are promoting your page.

Remember, you can always contact me at ANY time by going to my "Contact" page.