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If you are a member at more than 5 Paid to Click websites, then you may benefit from a Top 10 PTC page. A Top 10 PTC page is a page that looks like the one above, but it will include your referral links to the PTC websites you provide in the rank you provide.
Your Top 10 PTC page will be hosted at The PTC Place, but you are responsible for promoting it and sending traffic to your page, I do not do that.

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My name is David and I am the owner and operator of The PTC Place.​

​I'm just a normal guy from the USA who enjoys working from home.​

I started out with no knowledge about the industry, and now I own and run 4 successful websites, and I wrote an  e-book that assists me in being a self-employed individual.​

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You need to know that success does not happen overnight. I tell people this all the time but some people want to believe that it will, but it won't. It takes time, money, hard work, motivation and dedication to reach your goals. I've been working from home for over 2 years and I still don't consider myself successful. The internet offers you the opportunity, but you have to know where to start and take action.